Friday, August 29, 2014

Free Pattern Friday - Easy Dish Towel Apron

Easy To Make Dish Towel Apron from Woman's Day Magazine December 1954
It's not too early to think about Christmas. After all, the most celebrated event of the year is less than four months away. There is still plenty of time to begin your handmade gifts. And everyone likes to give gifts at Christmas, or whatever Holiday you are celebrating. Children too, enjoy participating in the ritual of exchanging gifts. To see the pleasure on someone's face when they receive your handmade gift is a gift in and of itself. This easy to make apron pattern, from the December 1954 issue of Woman's Day magazine, is fashioned from a checked dish towel and is a quick project for small hands with little sewing experience. It is a seldom seen practice but the habit of mutual exchange of gifts between aunts and nieces should be encouraged. These older role models are pivotal in the development of their young nieces and anything to strengthen that bond should be celebrated. Download the easy to sew pattern instructions HERE.

Courtesy of CynicalGirl on Goodsmiths.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Free Pattern Friday - Bound Buttonholes Tutorial

Bound buttonholes are one of the telling marks of a quality garment. Though rare in the ready to wear marketplace, the home sewist can achieve the look of a couturier garment with the addition of bound buttonholes. And they are not difficult to do either. When I was a girl in junior high school, my friend's mom showed me how to make beautiful bound buttonholes. It was a game changer for sewing since my mom's old White sewing machine only had forward and backward stitches. Today I am flanked by nearly 20 machines that can do all manner of stitches but I still make my buttonholes by hand. This 1952 tutorial from Workbasket is a great guide to achieving success making bound buttonholes. Download here.
Courtesy of CynicalGirl on Goodsmiths.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Free Pattern Friday - Easy To Make Felt Coin Purse

Easy To Sew Coin Purse from Workbasket September 1955
It could be a coin purse. It could be a tissue holder or a pretty holder for personal needs. Whatever your needs are will determine the size and shape. The basic pattern is adaptable to just about any proportion. And why not substitute Velcro® for the snaps making it even easier. Download instructions HERE. Courtesy of CynicalGirl on Goodsmiths

Friday, August 1, 2014

Free Pattern Friday - Butterfly Evening Bag

Butterfly Evening Bag from Workbasket September 1955
Felt was the 1950's equivalent to Polar Fleece® of today. It doesn't fray or run. It comes in a variety of colors and textures. And you can use it to make just about anything. This lovely butterfly shaped handbag from Workbasket (September 1955) is beautifully embellished with sequins and beads. Make it in any color combinations that please you and try it with fleece. You may just start a new trend. Download instructions HERE.
Courtesy of CynicalGirl on Goodsmiths