Thursday, April 30, 2015

Strawberry Potholder - A Springtime Gift for Mom

Strawberry Pot Holder
Springtime to me, is a wooden box of strawberries picked fresh from the garden, covered in a feed sack towel and presented to a kind neighbor, friend or Mom. Don't have a garden? Why not whip up some of these quick and easy pot holders dressed up as strawberries to give instead. A pair of these would be both a thoughtful and delightful gift to brighten any kitchen. Download instructions HERE.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Straw Gardening Hat Pincushion Pattern - DIY Gifts For Mom on Mothers' Day

Straw Hat Pin Cushion

What says Summer more than a straw gardening hat? This sweet pincushion made of burlap makes a pretty little presentation to anyone who sews or just loves gardening. Make one for Mom or for your child's favorite teacher as an end of the year thank you. Stick a place card on top with a pin for a place-setting and take-along memento for guests at a bridal shower. This cute pin cushion is not only versatile but so easy to make you will want to make more and more. Download instructions HERE.

Friday, April 17, 2015

DIY Gifts for Mom - Victorian Corset Shaped Laundry Bag

Victorian Corset Laundry Bag

The hourglass figure, also known as the Victorian scallop or the serpentine line was the proportion that defined beauty in the 19th century. Also known as the Golden Section, the shape defined generations of women and continues today. We have long discarded those constricting garments but our nostalgia for them lives on. For Mothers' Day why not gift Mom with a corset that hangs in her closet and collects the dirty laundry. Make it out of pretty fabrics and trim with rick rack or laces. It uses a common metal hanger and is a clever way to be green. Download instructions HERE.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Mother's Day Gifts To Make - Pretty Covered Hangers

Pretty Covered Wire Hangers

Where would we be without our Moms? Our first memories are probably of none other than the woman who gave and did the most for us, loved us more than anyone else, and shaped our lives to help us become what we are today. Mom. Mother's Day should be every day but since Hallmark specified May 10th as the official day to celebrate our Mothers, let's make it even more special with a handmade gift. 

These easy to cover hangers are more than just a simple gift. Fabric covered hangers keep tops and dresses from slipping off. The fabric covering absorbs excess moisture and the thinness of the wire hangers allows for more compact storage in the closet. Cover those wire hangers (that dry cleaners send your clothes home with) with pretty scraps of fabric. Decorate with bits of ribbon, lace and silk flowers. A thoughtful, useful and environmentally friendly diy gift for mom. 


Look for more Mothers' Day gifts to make in the next few weeks.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Quick and Easy Easter Basket Gifts for the Seamstress

Easter baskets are traditionally filled with candy and trinkets ... little treats after the Lenten fast. But for the sewist in your family perhaps another kind of treat would be more appropriate. 

Fill a plastic egg with a few sewing essentials. Thread, threader, snaps and buttons and a length of stitch witchery and a thimble. Whatever you can find to tuck into an egg. Maybe your sewist is a vintage enthusiast? Fill your egg with vintage notions. Whatever you stuff your egg with will be a treat that travels or comes in handy in an emergency. And what a fabulous last minute addition to an Easter basket and a gift that keeps on giving. 

Happy Passover or Easter from the folks at the Vintage Pattern Marketplace!