Thursday, March 13, 2014

Free Pattern Friday - More Embroidery on Gingham

Embroidery on Gingham 1960© Coats & Clarks
Embroidered gingham is a lesson in figure ground. Just like the old masters, gingham provides a palette of white, dark and mid-tone. By embellishing any of these three tonal areas, the clever homemaker adds sophisticated patterns and dimension to even the most mundane household textiles. With these easy to follow instructions you can make your own embellished aprons, placemats, napkins or anything imaginable with cross stitch embroidery. Download this pamphlet HERE.
1960© Coats & Clark . Published by the educational bureau of Coats & Clark. Please feel free to share this link. However, any form of printed or online distribution without permission is strictly prohibited.


  1. So country kitsch..I love it. Thanks for the pattern!

  2. Looks like an easy way to count squares for cross stitch.

  3. How cute. Great pattern and easy to use for those of us with aging eyes:)