Friday, July 25, 2014

Free Pattern Friday - Ruffles and Roses for a Bedroom

1943 Ruffles and Roses Bedroom Set from The Spool Cotton Company
The dressing table, or vanity, was often a standard fixture in the ladies boudoir. Whether plain wood or Chippendale style or layers of gathered fabric skirts, the vanity was always accompanied by at least one mirror. Vanity tables were not only for women. The Beau Brummel, the gentleman's version of the dressing or shaving table, was named after the famous "Dandy" George Bryan Brummel. Vanity, thy name is man.... Or at least not exclusive to women. Recreate this 1940's bedroom set with this easy to follow DOWNLOAD from the 1943 "The Sewing Manual for Home Decorating". Prints on 2 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper. 
Courtesy of CynicalGirl.


  1. I can remember having my mum decorate my room this why when I was little. Thanks for the happy memory!

  2. What a lovely girly room! It reminds me of the sweet bedroom my mother decorated for my sister and I when I was young; purple lilacs on white chiffon. The walls were painted lilac, the ceiling white, white sheers over the windows, and a comfy olive green rug spread out over the freshly waxed hardwood floor. A vintage treadle machine sat between our beds under one window with a lovely white hurricane lamp perched on its top. Thank you Mary!

    1. What a sweet memory, your room sounds like it was lovely and homey.

  3. I love vintage dressing tables with skirts! In fact I have my Mom's in my bedroom now.

  4. Brings back great memories, at 13 I was allowed to paint and decorate my bedroom. It was all shades of purple and all ruffles!