Thursday, November 6, 2014

Folded Paper Choir of Angels - Free Vintage Holiday Decor Pattern

Sing, Choir of Angels. Sing in Exultation.

Call it vintage. Call it retro. Whatever you call it, the 1960's "Look" is back and in full force. White, silver and pink Christmas trees with revolving spot lights, bottle brush trees and painted figurine candles ... it's all new again. These simple figurines of folded paper and ornament heads can be scaled up or down to create giant or miniature displays. So gather up the kids, the spray paint and pipe cleaners and get started on your new "Look" for the Holidays. Download pattern here.  Published in 1963 by the John Oster Manufacturing Company, Milwaukee, maker of the original Osterizer.


  1. These bring back memories of the Christmas in the 60s!

  2. So sweet! We used to make angels out of old Reader's Digest magazines that we spray painted gold, and then glued "gems" to the body. Thanks for the 60's memories!