Friday, August 21, 2015

1960's Maxi Skirt - Free Pattern from Fieldcrest Towels

Download Evening Skirt Pattern Here
Part Two - Free Patterns from Fieldcrest®

Entertain or lounge in comfort with this easy to make evening skirt from two Fieldcrest® towels. This pattern originated from a complimentary packet of patterns and instructions for using Fieldcrest® towels, sheets, bedspreads and more to make simple to sophisticated garments. Though these were developed at the height of the Mod era, they are every bit as fashionable today. Though few of the current Fieldcrest® lines have the bright and bold patterning of the 60's, you can still find vintage towels and linens at great prices for an authentic retro look.


  1. Great pattern. Thank you for posting this cute skirt.

  2. I have some vintage towels packed away somewhere, that are just like new. Think I will try making one of these too!

  3. I think I have some lovely vintage towels packed away too. Must dig them up. But, if I don't find them there are lots of new ones to choose from. Thanks for posting this pattern - so cute!

  4. Maxi skirts are all the rage right now, and what a great pattern!