Sunday, October 19, 2014

Free Pattern Everyday - Knitted Bobtail Hat and Bag Pattern

1950's Easy Knitted Bobtail Hat and Matching Bag from Patons & Baldwin Toronto

Tassel and fringe trim this duo of quick and easy knit hat with contrast crown and matching bag with contrast fringe and handle. The choice of yarn for this classic style knit hat and bag will be the element that sets this set apart. Pima cotton with multi-colored slub or handspun Merino will yield very different but equally interesting results. Play. Download this knitting pattern HERE. Prints on 8.5" x 11" paper.

Thanks to Janie of RedCurlzs Vintage Patterns


  1. Very cute! This pattern makes me wish I knew how to knit. (I'm having enough trouble with crochet. ;-)

  2. Cute, cute pattern. Winter will be here soon, and even here in the South, it gets "Cool." The natives scream about the cold but it's not really cold to us Yankees. 30 below is cold - 30 above is merely cool.