Friday, October 24, 2014

Free Pattern Friday - Braided Twosome - Hat and Bag

Braided Twosome by January & Wood 1954

However good our intentions may be to knit or crochet all of our gifts this Christmas season, if you have not yet taken the time to learn this skill, you may be in for some frustration. Though I find both skills relaxing and fairly easy, it was not always this way. My first attempts were nothing short of disastrous. This handbag and matching hat is a quick and easy no skill pattern. Instructions are for braiding but imagine the hat and bag made from spool knitting (as described in this earlier post) or even a simple crocheted chain with chunky yarn. The possibilities are endless.

A Few Styling Options

Courtesy of KinseySue Vintage Patterns on Goodsmiths. 


  1. Another darling vintage hat and bag pattern. :-)

  2. Very sweet, and something even I can do ;)

  3. I'm certainly going to try, great patterns!

  4. So cute! I smiled when I read about your disastrous beginnings, as I had a similar problem. My grandmother was teaching me to crochet because everyone wore granny square vests and I wanted one, too. Well, I obviously didn't listen because my first attempt came out round. She stared at my creation and burst out laughing.

  5. Wonder accessories to add to my granddaughter's dress up box made out of the yarn I inherited from my mother's box. Thanks for sharing!