Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Free Pattern Everyday - Learning to Knit with a Loom

Spool Knitting Tutorial

When I was a little girl I was presented with a square wooden block with a hole in the center and four nails driven in around the opening. It was not a thread spool but a blue wooden component of a child's stacking game. This object was my first introduction to knitting. There were no "needles" with yarn cast on. Instead it was a mini knitting-in-the-round machine for creating lengths of round knit cord. Today you can buy looms similar to this 19th century prototype. But if you want the real deal, download this tutorial with instructions to make the cord and tassels for drapery tie backs, or any application you can contrive. And don't despair if you have no wooden thread spool. Any plastic or compressed styrofoam spool can be adapted by drilling four small holes into the top of the spool,  and heating the pointed end of a small nail under a flame and insert into the drilled holes. Voila! A 21st Century version of a 19th Century spool knitter. Download HERE.


  1. I had one of these! I "knitted" miles of cord. The goal was to make a rug, but I don't remember ever sewing all that cord together.

  2. This is such a neat idea! Thanks for posting this.