Monday, October 27, 2014

Free Patterns Everyday - Rag Slippers to Crochet for The Whole Family

Easy to Crochet Rag Slippers

Almost everything can be looked at in one or two ways. A thing, or person is either an asset or a liability. The usefulness of a thing defines its value. With no perceived purpose a thing may be dismissed as a liability. But what if we reassess the qualities of a thing and apply them to a different context? Do we still see them in the same way? Quilters are genius at finding purpose for bits and scraps from leftover sewing projects or clothes worn beyond repair. One's perspective is the key to thinking outside of the box. And these rag slippers could be the antidote to the overflowing scrap heap of all those odd leftovers from sewing projects you cannot bring yourself to discard. Made from pieced bias strips and crocheted with a size K hook, they are easy house slippers to keep those little piggies warm all year round. Make some for your loved ones and clean out that remnant basket until your next sewing project. Download Instructions HERE.


  1. How fun, and how vintage! I haven't seen rag slippers in decades.

  2. These are so cute! Love them. What a great idea for all the scraps.

  3. I love these slippers! Now I have a project for the scraps of some of my favourite fabrics!
    Thank you!

  4. I just love them! Fabulous scrappy idea!!